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Working with the Guru

Should you consider working with the Guru?

The Guru works with all sizes and types of clients, from solo inventors with a new product design but no manufacturing experience, to small and mid-sized companies that are moving toward off-shore manufacturing and/or sourcing in order to remain competitive by keeping costs down.

The Guru’s services are also appropriate for distributors of household or consumer products that have grown tired of acquiring their products from an importer and are now ready to manufacture and import their own products directly from offshore factories.

What are the benefits of working with the Guru?

hammockThere are plenty. Sure, there are numerous resources available to help you find manufacturers that claim they can make your product. But will you really know whom you’re dealing with? Are they really a factory, or actually only a trading house? Will you feel confident when a foreign company requires you to send a significant financial deposit before moving forward?  In other words – – Can you be sure there really is a “there” there?

If you work with the Guru, you can rest easy. That’s because we provide you with a trusted American partner who can help you avoid unfamiliar risks and who understands your business needs and specific business concerns. So we can help you avoid many of the hassles and headaches that can routinely occur in offshore sourcing, by identifying and qualifying resources; providing quality assurance at origin; ensuring proper communications; overseeing import/U.S. Customs/duty regulations, and arranging logistics for door-to-door delivery.

When the Guru is on your side, you don’t have to worry about last-minute surprises or expensive “X-factors.” You can relax. That’s why our motto is “We import peace of mind.”

Does the Guru specialize in particular industries?

While the Guru’s sourcing expertise can be applied to many markets and businesses, over the decades we’ve accumulated special insight and a breadth of contacts in a number of industries, including Plastics (films, parts, raw materials, components ), Tapes Labels & Release Liners; Non-Woven Rolls and Products; Packaging, and Decorative, Holiday & Hobby goods.

Are there any industries that the Guru does not handle?

A wise man-actually, it was Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry”-once sagely observed that “A man’s got to know his limitations.” With that in mind, the Guru does not source suppliers in the food or pharmaceutical industries, nor in the high-end electronic and computer markets. In other words, we prefer to stick to our knitting and do only what we do best. We are happy to make valuable referrals in other markets, if we can do so comfortably.

What is the minimum order necessary to work with the Guru?

We understand that budgets may be limited. Therefore we will initially work with a client to deliver a limited order in order to facilitate test marketing a new product. However, for the first production of a new product intended for distribution or manufacture, we require a production order with a value of at least $25,000. We require a minimum order of $15,000 to source off-the-shelf (non-custom) components, materials, or products.


What about the Guru’s fees?

Even gurus have to eat, but the Guru charges reasonable fees. It is in the mutual interest of all parties that quoted prices be fair and provide significant value to customers. There has never been an instance where a product became non-competitive or out of budget as a result of the additional cost attributable to the Guru’s compensation. To the contrary, the Guru’s participation adds value to the sourcing process. The Guru’s customers can rest assured that the costs quoted include all fees-there are never any last-minute expensive surprises tacked on.

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Guru of Outsourcing

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The Guru Advantage:

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