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The Guru Speaks

Welcome to our new Guru of Outsourcing website!

We are excited to be able to offer our services to a wider range of prospects & clients.

The Guru as a young man.

The idea for the Guru came from pondering how we could better leverage our decades of  experience and extensive, existing contacts. We knew we could help many other individuals and companies – in fact, we were already doing that – beyond our traditional practice in the wholesale plastics industry. To get the message out, we settled on “Guru of Outsourcing”, inspired by my friend David, the self-styled “Guru of Printing”, the go-to guy for printing and promotions for the luxury market. I want to be that go-to guy for outsourcing of products to, primarily, China. I know we can help entrepreneurs,  inventors, and distributors, to the best value and productivity in sourcing their products – new or existing —  without the worry of starting from scratch.

The Guru of Outsourcing  is our vehicle to share our core values:  Helping others by bringing value, connection, a world-view; finding Peace of Mind from leveraging experience and acting ethically and fairly, always; and having a bit of Fun along the way.

In upcoming entries, I’ll be sharing insights, stories, and opinions gleaned from both my travels and history, and from the most interesting sources I find. I hope to expose my readers to the opportunities, and hazards, of undertaking import from halfway around the world.

I look forward to receiving your questions, feedback, shared stories, and inquiries. Email me at .

We hope you’ll join us on this ride, to the benefit of us all.


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Guru of Outsourcing

From the offshore factory floor to your company’s door: we import….peace of mind.

The Guru Advantage:

  • Delivers innovative, high-value solutions at reasonable fees to promote profitable creative partnerships
  • Backed by 3 generations of import/export experience
  • Understanding of the special concerns of small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Partnerships with trusted Asian and European manufacturers; possessing extensive offshore-sourcing knowledge
  • Provides the experience of one-stop logistical expertise