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Guru of Outsourcing is the exclusive brand of a proven and trusted company, Lake Crescent, Inc., based in Montclair, New Jersey.


Lake Crescent was incorporated in 1987 to focus on the family’s successful sales and import operation as an U.S. representative selling foreign plastics, industrial raw materials, and machinery. As the global economy has transformed itself over recent decades, with an increasing amount of the world’s manufacturing capacity relocating to Asia to take advantage of cost differentials, Lake Crescent has been able to offer its import know-how and product-sourcing expertise to a growing number of North American manufacturers and distributors seeking to compete in the increasingly borderless international economy. Lake Crescent advises its clients on appropriate sourcing solutions and guides them to the appropriate offshore supplier that will provide the greatest value-thereby enabling domestic companies to develop and market products without sacrificing quality.

Lake Crescent has been owned and managed since inception by Jack Kassel, the third generation of his family to serve as a trusted link between U.S. firms and global manufacturing resources. A long-time member of the Manufacturing Agents National Association (MANA), as well as the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), Jack Kassel understands the special concerns of small-  to mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs.


“I see myself as a de facto partner in my clients’ businesses, because ultimately the success of my business is dependent upon theirs,” he explains. “Because if I can’t help them successfully source their products and enhance value in the process, then I’ve wasted everyone’s time.”

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Walter Kassel

Lake Crescent’s roots go back to the 1930s, when Walter Kassel arrived in New York from Germany and, determined to rebuild his fortune, founded Kassel Export Company. Initially specializing in army surplus, manufactured seconds, and electrical components, the company eventually prospered, growing in size and reputation based upon its founder’s commitment to providing customer service that was second to none. In the 1950s, Walter Kassel’s son Joseph took over the family business and successfully expanded into other fields, including the nascent plastic-film industry, wall coverings, and importing wire, metal flake, and machinery. Some of the firms that became clients during that time continue to conduct business with the company to this day, the commercial relationships spanning decades and generations.

Founder Walter Kassel would not understand much of today’s business world, but he would certainly recognize the spirit of integrity, fairness, and uncompromising commitment to delivering tangible customer value that continues to guide the enterprise he founded over seven decades ago. The important things haven’t changed. “In everything we do, we strive to deliver innovative solutions and valuable experiences to promote creative partnerships,” explains Jack, his grandson.

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Guru of Outsourcing

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  • Delivers innovative, high-value solutions at reasonable fees to promote profitable creative partnerships
  • Backed by 3 generations of import/export experience
  • Understanding of the special concerns of small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Partnerships with trusted Asian and European manufacturers; possessing extensive offshore-sourcing knowledge
  • Provides the experience of one-stop logistical expertise